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Well, it's nice to be back. I had a whopping 5,284 things in my inbox which I promptly deleted and waited patiently for new things to come in... and they didn't? It's been a whole day and there are only 6 deviations and that's just weird. I guess everyone's ditched this place / on vacation / both.

So, please recommend to me a writer (poet) that you've recently discovered or has recently joined dA, cause I have nothing to read and I want to check out some new writers.
also tell me what you've been up to :la:
if I am sticky like glue,
a bullet lodged in your spine

and nails like talons
that bite.

Forgive me for my eyes

and for tunnel vision
where you are the light.
Forgive me
a quickie.

not sure if i'm back. i'm restless. i want to write, but i don't know if i've still got it. we'll see. hi.
(rhyme was accidental, promise.)
our secret word
that tells a thousand
stories - a collection
of are you there and
how are you, please
, I understand -

I'm dreaming of your
laugh while our word
continues to show
what goes unsaid,
what are you trying
to say?
I'm biting my tongue
and yes, I'm still here
but my head hurts
too much from the effort of
not thinking of you
Hi :wave: I'm alive! Yes, it's been like five months. I'm sorry. This semester has been hell, and I haven't written anything since July. I actually wrote this in June, and I never posted it because it's about someone and I think that someone would have been able to tell. But I don't really care anymore, and I just felt like announcing my presence and this is all I got for now =P
I wait for your knees,
your eyelids, the valleys
between your knuckles,
calloused fingertips-

you are a crazy sort of
beauty, a strange little
smile hiding between
your lips (kiss me
to sleep before the
night is gone)
the sun will stop shining soon
title from love like this by kodaline
your shadow has detached itself
and climbed into me

but i still look for you over sharp shoulders
and around corners, between
pairs of eyes that linger too long
and in the curve of anonymous hands,

you seem to follow me everywhere
without being there at all
(and i'm just holding out for the sun)
up in the air
this makes my head hurt


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