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there are feathers
in the endless pit
of my stomach;
digitigrades digging
in the clavicular head 
of my chest.
pigeons crowning,
crooning from
my gut, travailing
from the bottom up;
wings slipping
from my lips.
before it is clawed open
by the talons
of these hallowed doves.
in a bed of ankles
k(n)eeling me over;
a million sheets of quills
scaling my sheath;
and religion-weight over
preyed game,
my frame angles
for halos.
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(33) Handpicked: Nature, Musings and Carmalain7
:iconhello1plz::iconhello2plz: :iconclearheartsplz:
can you sit still and just be in awe of nature?
:bulletblue: here is a journal page for pieces of art that might inspire you the way they inspire me. 
 thank you for taking the time to bask in their beauty. 

Nature and Musings
poems inspiring me to write my own

Matins by Carmalain7Penumbra by Carmalain7
L'exil et le Royaume: Les Muets by Carmalain7
:iconcristinewakesuphappy:cristinewakesuphappy 6 13
vibrating skies echo adoration
it's storming outside
and this morning,
you flutter around
in my mind as strong
as the thunder rolls in
from the mesh of clouds.
affection even in the anger
of ayem, ahem, and a hymn,
i find the hem of your voice
etched into the stitches of my mind.
a storm brews in the darkness
of incoming morn
and you are the breath
to my bristled and hushed voice
in the bout of drained vapor
and wrung loud fading moons.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 43 29
Will I also return
I was young as spring,  
and held to an autumn's wind  
like pomegranates    
hung from the highest branches    
before black crows hollowed them    
autumn flurries came  
with the scent of fallen fruit,  
piles of dying leaves,
dark brothers crushed underfoot    
to be shelter for next spring
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 94 100
renaissance in the key of [x] minor
the winter's bare, and
  rome is cold(er, than I thought it'd be)
   from romulus, to regulus, to Reading,
   you're the color of stonedust, a monster heading
             out to sea.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 13 0
La Sagrada Familia, June 2015 (29th)
The Big Bang;
everything beautiful at once.
Spires and towers jutting out
like a genius idea,
scribing the skyline
with the curves of a blooming seed,
still growing;
a sandcastle melting into a beach.
His playground.
God’s exploding dollhouse.
The biggest wedding cake we’ve ever seen.
Every single pattern, shape, dome
moulded from a cerebral ball of clay.
Architectural jazz
comes from this massive sandstone organ,
showing what a star looks like
when sculpted,
and it is the holiest prayer received.
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 31 29
Mature content
disillusion :iconcristinewakesuphappy:cristinewakesuphappy 18 29
The Traveler's Stag by Hylacola The Traveler's Stag :iconhylacola:Hylacola 1,139 65
Plot A Scene Workshop
As we strive to make WritersInk better for all our members, we've decided it's about time we started running some regular workshops to not only get YOU involved, but also to help you grow as writers.  With CampNaNo slowly creeping up on us in July, we've decided to kick things off, we're going to keep it simple with a plotting workshop to get your ready to sit down and write without worrying. 
Scene Plotting
Now, if any of you have followed my insanity, you may have seen my plotting journal.  If that doesn't prove that I'm nutters, I don't know what will convince you, BUT scene plotting is a simple way to keep your plot moving while also keeping a record somewhere other than you head.  I personally plot every scene I'm going to write on paper (even have a sheet for my longer works!).  It helps to keep me focused when I start writing.  Instead of just running with an idea, I have a solid structure to wor
:iconinknalcohol:inknalcohol 27 15
Big Day! (Marriage/Birthday/Feature)
I'm sure you guys may be gettin' tired of birthday features but today, two of my good friends are a year older today. So I want to wish forestmeetwildfire and voidmemes  very, very happy birthdays. :love:
First off, forestmeetwildfire. Julia is a really good friend of mine and a truly amazing poet. She's such an inspiration and I know those of you who don't know of her yet will love her poetry when you read her incredible works:
Secondly, voidmemes is one of my great friends as well and her art is so different, it's always so interesting to see. And Fins can always make me smile and laugh my head off, as well. She's just awesomeness:
 Hanji by voidmemesThe Biggest Cutie This Side of Wall Rose (Erwhen) by voidmemesHeck Boy, Ain't It Grand? by voidmemes
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 2 13
the sky mourns and cries for the month lost,
digging into its last moments
with biting windClaws.
30 steps later,
it is still a
silver god
expanding into blank,
bird-flutter crackle
in white noise of the sky
forever reaching into
ears of Gaia.
but now the blossom is blushPale as lipstick,
and the journeying sun.
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 8 5
all skin and skin and skin
:iconanobrain:anobrain 6 7
NaPo V. Hallowed
Heaven-like, stirring up
Hope for the poor ones
Hollowed out in their bones.
Hear now the whispers
Hushed in their compact silence
Hungry to know the truth of it but
Held tightly after all.
:iconlabruyere:LaBruyere 1 3
a pulley like that never comes back 
down from rapunzel's tower
ignorance is learned, in all irony
wisdom, for them, stems from a hollow place
branching out,
but thin limbs can't hold their weight
chaos whispering, 
out from grime, and splintered furniture
starving dogs, and creaking world
she disappeared 
shimmering into conscious view
captured midnight on a runaway highway
bit down on wolfhound freedom
and with it, her tongue
laws, taking up the catalysing girl
protectors, cleaning up acid memories
a hypochondriac coughing out injustices
shrieking for daughters moulded out of sin
needing her back, to etch mind markings  
impossibility of ever making good
a sharp kind of love
twisting now from unease,
to snaking devil's hope
a place for her to live, without
ideas of life thrust to her sleeping soul
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